-new beginning

„I’ve heard about your poems.“ His words consume my heart within seconds. Just like a lightning, quickly inhaling all of my tiny human heart. „I am quite impressed.“, he adds, noticing my concerned look. A soft smile appears on my lips. Silently he walks past my shelves and right to my desk. He leans against it and crosses his arms. „Your head must be a terrible place.“ And he was right. I cannot deny it. For some reason I was even grateful for him to speak it out loud. And secretly, I count it as a compliment. At least it led me to my poems. „Your words flatter me.“, I respond. His look switches to confusion. „You won’t even try to change my mind?“, I shake my head. „There has been a hurricane raging in my head in the last few years. Like a lonely boat making its way right into the stormy ocean, heading to nothing but life in fear.“ I study his pretty face. „I recommend you to get yourself an umbrella. And maybe even a life jacket in case you want to have a look in it.“, I add. He starts smiling and I notice his dimples. „That can be set up, I think.“ I smile back. „Hi. “He offers me one of his hands and my gaze is fixed on its soft and flawless skin. „Hi“, I respond, my heart pounding heavily against my chest. And I swear, the moment I take it, every corner of this room seems to be filled with sparks flying all over this place. It just gets so bright. Brighter than that nostalgic first-day-of-holiday-sun we think of sometimes, mourning that life was so much better as a child. And it gets so hot. Not hot enough to burn this place down to the grounds yet hot enough to quicken my heartbeat. Maybe he didn’t only read these words. Maybe he got them. Maybe he didn’t only see the letters. Maybe he saw me.