we’ve been two shadows dancing on rainy streets

reaching for love

striving for passion

dying for living

blessed with our infinite souls

and your eyes

they couldn’t lie

they promised hope

offered me home

until the very last kiss

and the very last night

we could spend together

as two human beings

holding each other in the dark

trying to forget

that these two shadows

are not meant to be

//- shadows die when there is no sunshine

Finding one’s soulmate

Imagine that your soulmate is sitting in a train, arriving at your local train station

It’s us

Standing at the central station

And I would run to you

And keep you in my arms

Promising to not ever let you go

I hug you so heavy that it hurts

You grab my hair

And pull me closer

And when we stood there for a while

I will whisper in your ear





//-that’s what it must feel like

Parting gifts

If only I had known

that this was our last night

I would have dug my nails deeper

and kissed you more passionate

scratched your back harder

and run my fingers over your skin more intense

I would have let you feel this devotion

and plunged my teeth in your neck deeper

sighed your name purer

so that you would never forget this sound

and that it would repeat in your head like music

If only I had known that this was our last night

I would have left my marks

As parting gifts

For you to return to

In regret

When you try to find me in another girl

That would never love you in this way

so passionate and intense

Like I did

Hard limits

I have read loads of poems

and books

in order to get some inspiration

poems that are consumed by lovely words

speaking about the very first love

and being so tremendously delighted

but how can it be

that I always ask myself

why I cannot write about these things

and why it is even harder for me to read it

my mind might be stubborn I guess

or maybe I am not ready for this

but then I remember

that I have experienced nothing else but abusive and toxic love

with nights full of tears and sorrow

and the worst heartbreak

so how could I write about something

or even endure writing something

that I don’t know so far