Who you are

I am asking myself how you feel
I am asking myself

which song you played on your piano recently
which novel you read
whether you still want to study at this one university
whether you are still addicted to the adrenaline
rushing through your veins
whether you still like staring at the stars
in the middle of the night
whether you still long for endless freedom
while driving through the woods
whether you still believe in humanity
whether you still think about the moments we had
whether you still think about me

I am asking myself who you are
to which person you have matured in the last few weeks
which experiences and enlightenments you had
how you see this world
how you see yourself
what makes you keep on living
what inspires you
what you think about me
what you think about these things I published
what makes you keep reading all these
because I know you do

most of all
I am asking myself
when you lost your feelings for me

daily life seems so grey and miserable
while I am asking myself
who you are

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