Summer morning

When the sun just rised and the sky seems to be half kissed by day half kissed by night on that summer morning

about 6 am

you can see her laying in bed

she is half awake half sleeping

wants to stay in that white blanket

in these white sheets

for eternity

you can see the way her porcelain skin suits her slightly brown hair

the vanilla scent which consumes her whole body

smelling like a small daisy

her soft skin

which invites to be touched on that early and warm summer morning

the petite collar bones and shoulders

her chest raises and lowers

and a hardly noticable quite sigh with every breath she takes

her naked back half covered by the white blanket

and these small and decent curves are caressed by it

like a tender landscape with soft and small hills

formed by her daintily body

her soft and long and skinny legs

with a masterpiece between them

her small hands laying next to her head

with those fingers she is able to make magic with sometimes

a miracle or even a supernova

her eyes are still closed

a mixture of green and hazel brown

which seem to burst into flames when she is amazed by something

which can be full of passion and desire when she is longing for being touched

her lips and cheeks are as rosy as the sunset

her whole body is soft and tender and warm

looking so innocent and angelic with this porcelain skin

without any sins

when she opens her eyes and sighs because it is too early to wake up

she turns around

staring at the ceiling

imagining how it would feel like if somebody touches her

and make her get goosebumps

exploring every part of her soft skin

hands wandering and gazing her body

finding their aim

again and again