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Sag mir sitzt du im Auto meidest du meine Straße? stehst du in der Menge suchst du nach mir? fühlst du Schmerz siehst du mich?

we’ve been two shadows dancing on rainy streets reaching for love striving for passion dying for living blessed with our infinite souls and your eyes they couldn’t lie they promised hope offered me home until the very last kiss and the very last night we could spend together as two human beings holding each other […]

writing stories

I want to write stories with you my fingers would be my pen your skin would be my paper and my ink would be my love for you I want to write stories about you and the days ahead

Lost pieces

As I found you I seemed to have found a piece of me That I never thought would exist A piece of me I will perhaps never find In any other soul Than yours

Parting gifts

If only I had known that this was our last night I would have dug my nails deeper and kissed you more passionate scratched your back harder and run my fingers over your skin more intense I would have let you feel this devotion and plunged my teeth in your neck deeper sighed your name […]